Although there’s magic and wonder to be seen at Walt Disney World, and Universal Studios, there is also magic and wonder to be experienced June-10-14 at Cisco Live-US in Orlando! Well, maybe not “magic” per se, but there will certainly be some “wonder” in the World of Solutions area. Industrial customers will be particularly excited about the “Industrial” area we will have set up in the World of Solutions. Cisco is well known in the enterprise/IT side of the house, but we also have a marketing leading solution portfolio for operations & industrial customers as well. If you are not attending, it’s not too late to join us by registering now.

Look for the cool robotic machine from Rockwell Automation and Fanuc front and center in the booth, and talk to our experts to see how Cisco delivers the foundational elements for manufacturers to improve business operations through digitization, the Industrial IoT, or Smart Manufacturing initiatives all while securing production integrity, and protecting intellectual property from the factory to the enterprise and beyond. This area will showcase various Cisco horizontal solutions seen from an industrial point of view by featuring use cases from the Manufacturing, Utilities, and Oil & Gas industries. Those use cases include:

Connected Factory – Network:  See how a single, converged, unified plant-to-business network, tested and validated to support standard industrial Ethernet protocols like Ethernet IP, Profinet, and CCLink, along with industrial standards like Time Sensitive Networking provide the critical backbone needed for digital transformation in the industry.

Intent-Based Security – Cisco is a recognized leader in cybersecurity, and this interactive demonstration steps customers through a layered and simple approach to security, along with specific use cases for manufacturing. See how Cisco Identity Services Engine, Stealthwatch, NGFW, and Industrial Network Director come together to provide critical visibility and help simplify security in industrial settings as well as in the enterprise.

Work Intuitive – “Carpeted Space” customers aren’t the only ones who can benefit from collaboration technology. In this demo, see how industrial customers can use Cisco wireless, Cisco Webex Teams, and cool endpoints like Cisco Webex Boards to truly collaborate across teams, remote locations, and different plants. Reduce costs and downtime with remote experts to get machines up and running quickly, retain knowledge from retiring workers to help train new employees and speed problem solving, and improve time to market on new products with easy to use, intuitive collaboration solutions.

Extended Enterprise – Cisco extends the enterprise network all the way to the factory floor with tools to lower cost, speed deployment, and improve interoperability

Data Management – Cisco has demonstrated our strength on the Network, but our industrial customers also demand help with data management.  See how Cisco Kinetic helps industrial customer extract, move, and compute data from disparate sources around their plant to applications that drive more intelligent and actionable information, and make better decisions to optimize operations

Connected Utilities –  The communications network is the core of digital transformation in any industry, especially for utilities. See how new solutions like Cisco Resilient Mesh help utilities tackle the key areas required for digital transformation including high performance, interoperability, and resilience – and how we do it all securely.

Connected Oil & Gas – See how Cisco Kinetic for Oil and Gas solutions enable automated real-time alerts for gas detection, monitoring, and equipment performance. Operators of connected refineries, plants, and other industrial environs can optimize equipment maintenance, increase and simplify worker safety by tracking and monitoring location and leaks.

The rabbit notwithstanding, also popping out the hat are many exciting manufacturing educational sessions you may want to attend. Check out the “Industrial” sessions in the Cisco Live Session Catalogue to search for Manufacturing, Utility, and Oil & Gas focused educational sessions.

We have a lot going on at the show – Hope to see you in Orlando!



Scot Wlodarczak

No Longer with Cisco