Network like a Ninja at Cisco Live with #GeekSlices and #SelfieBINGO – #CLUS

SelfieBingo Join Jun2One of the great things about Cisco Live is the people you meet. While the classes, hands-on labs, and speaking sessions are all great, if you’re willing to take the extra step beyond the convention center, you can meet people you will continue to learn from all year.

To facilitate this – this meeting of people that can sometimes feel a bit awkward – I’ve set up two activities that should be fun and help overcome some of the awkwardness: #GeekSlices & #SelfieBINGO!

#GeekSlices is a big, informal pizza & beverages gathering.  Think of this as a great opportunity to meet others in the community over a drink and tasting some of the best pizza ever.  EVER.

To join us, just sign up  (If you really really don’t want to use twitter, come find me in the social media lounge or the Data Center booth to get details.)


#SelfieBINGO – Is a big game of BINGO where you find people on each square, take a selfie with them, and tweet it.  It’s fun because it basically gives you a list of 25 new people to seek out at Cisco Live. If you’re playing, these are people who have self-selected as willing and interested in meeting new people. We’ll be playing throughout the week. 

Would you like to be on a card?  To join #SelfieBINGO you can leave a comment on this blog, ping me on Twitter (@Lauren, #SelfieBingo #AddMe #CLUS), or fill out this secret form with:

  1. Your Twitter handle
  2. Your real name (first & last)
  3. (Optionally) a hint on where you’ll be.

We have about 50 people who have signed up to be on BINGO cards!  I’m getting gold stars for people on the cards to pick up – while not required, this will help people playing identify you.

At Cisco Live:

Pick up a #SelfieBINGO card at the social meetup on Sunday, at the Community party Monday night, and in the Social Media hub or in the Data Center booth throughout the week.  And yes, I’ll update this / tweet excessively with more details. Want a great place to find other #SelfieBINGO players? May I suggest GeekSlices? =D Also, I’m putting together a list of official & unofficial meetups of Cisco Live – add a note if you have an event you want included.

How to play:

  1. Find people on your sheet(s)
  2. Introduce yourself and take a selfie with them
  3. Tweet the selfie with their name, the bingo card number, and the hashtags: #SelfieBingo #CLUS
  4. Cross out the box with the name of the person in your selfie.
  5. (make a note of the day/time you took the selfie if you can)
  6. When you have 5 in a row take a picture with yourself & your bingo sheet! #SelfieBingo #CLUS


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  1. @petergjones, Peter Jones, schedule is complicated 🙁

    Sunday support TECCRS-2678: Converged Access techtorial, arrival tweetup

    Monday Multigigabit/NBASE-T Table topic, support BRKCRS-2888: Converged Access, WoS reception, #GeekSlices

    Tuesday support BRKCRS-3438: HA in Access, WoS Networking Event

    Wednesday support BRKARC-3438: cat3850/3650 Architecture, present BRKCRS-3900: Ethernet Evolving …., WoS “Hoppy” Hour, Customer Party

    Thursday support BRKARC-3467: Cisco Enterprise Silicon, BRKCRS-3146: Troubleshooting cat3850/3650

  2. @monrog2 , Gabriel Monroy , Mainly around the Hub for ACI or wandering the world of Solutions.

  3. @WackoRobie Steven Robinson Social Media Hub, CiscoChampions lounge, or in session.

  4. @jsnyder81
    Jake Snyder
    Social media lounge, CCIE lounge

  5. I’ll get it started:
    1. @Lauren
    2. Lauren Friedman
    3. In the social lounge, the CC lounge, or the DC booth filming Engineers Unplugged!