Authored by Anne Waiver, Cisco Marketing Specialist Intern: @annewaiver

Going to be in Orlando, Florida for one of Cisco’s most exciting events of the year? Are you interested in learning about the work Cisco is doing in the storage space? Well when thinking about object and software defined storage, Cisco is working to solve the problems that are in the forefront of your mind.

As our customers look to manage growing amounts of data, we’ve learned that legacy storage appliances simply do not scale equally for all workloads, and trying to store all data of every type in the cloud would require most firms to open a new bank account.

Using a customer-in approach we’ve found that customers are looking to continually reinvent IT teams and inspire them to deliver solutions that support 
business innovation.

Hearing this, Cisco along with its vast ecosystem of partners is working on solutions to help customers with storing, organizing and accessing data. Using a highly-scalable model, Cisco’s storage solutions enable the needs of unstructured data sets across multiple clouds. The S-series computing and data storage servers facilitate lower costs, cloud-like scalability, and proven compatibility.

Ok, enough about Cisco. Cisco has also collaborated with innovative partners to provide customers object cloud and software defined storage with the Cisco UCS S3260 storage server. These partnerships allow the S-series server to provide a full storage system that is more secure, efficient and cost effective than traditional storage solutions.

Some of the preferred solution partners that I, along with my team have had the pleasure of working with at Cisco are Scality, SwiftStack, Cloudian and IBM. Each of these partners offer Cisco and storage specific expertise and technology that allow us to provide differentiated, specialized and ideal solutions that meet our joint customer’s needs.

During your time at Cisco Live this year you can learn more about the perfect solution for you from each of our partners:



Scality storage tools make data easy to protect, search and manage anytime, on any cloud. Scality gives customers the autonomy and agility necessary to be competitive in a data-driven economy. Together, Cisco and Scality have developed a software-defined storage solution. The solution, Scality RING on Cisco UCS allows users to store at scale by creating a single storage pool for any unstructured data. The Cisco and Scality joint solution can be used to reduce efforts in managing data, predict future investments and forecast expenditures, and increase business agility. To hear more about Scality and their and their work with Cisco, meet with a Scality Representative at Cisco Live!



Cisco and SwiftStack have also partnered to deliver a hybrid cloud storage bundled solution that is validated for the Cisco UCS S-Series. The joint solution provides high capacity storage and end-to-end support to allow organizations to scale massively over time. Together, Cisco and SwiftStack have optimized object storage in order to organize unstructured data in a simple and efficient way.Learn more about the collaborative Cisco and SwiftStack object storage software solution, speak with a Storage Expert at Cisco Live.



Cloudian is another Cisco partner that provides scalable object storage solutions. Cloudian’s HyperStore® software is a built in feature in the UCS S2360 that provides affordable, high-capacity storage to meet the needs of large, unstructured data. With Cisco UCS’ simplified management capabilities and Cloudian’s full-featured capabilities, Cisco and Cloudian ensure unlimited scale, multi-data center storage, fully automated data tiering, and support for all S3 applications—all behind your firewall.. See Cloudian at Cisco Live to schedule a meeting and learn more!



As one of Cisco strategic partners, IBM Cloud Object Storage offer customers a highly scalable cloud storage service, designed for high durability, resiliency and security. IBM Cloud object storage makes it easy to store, manage and access data. IBM Cloud Object Storage provides organizations the flexibility, scalability and simplicity required to store, manage and access today’s rapidly growing unstructured data in a cloud environment. By combining the massive scale that IBM Cloud Object Storage provides with the cost-effective simplicity of the Cisco UCS S3260 Storage server, this solution delivers an enterprise scale-out storage architecture that is simple, fast, and completely scalable. Visit IBM at Cisco Live for more.

Now that everyone knows the ins and the outs on cloud object and software defined storage and what Cisco and our amazing Solution Partners have to offer, come learn more about the opportunities we have to offer at Cisco Live U.S.

See you all in the Sunshine State!



Brandon Copeland

Ecosystem Partner Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing