Why is now the time to migrated from your proprietary RISC/UNIX platform to Cisco UCS with Red Hat UCS migrationEnterprise Linux. There are several reasons: Technology transitions are driving new demands on data center and IT infrastructure. These new applications and computing models have standardized on x86 architecture while aging RISC/UNIX infrastructure doesn’t provide the performance or the flexibility required to support the needs of the business. IT departments may also be experiencing the pain of RISC/UNIX maintenance and software licensing costs while their budgets are flat or shrinking. At the same time, overarching uncertainty about RISC/UNIX futures foreshadowed by rapidly declining market share combined with dropped hardware and software support. According to the most recent IDC Q42014 server tracker, RISC revenue has dropped 40% from 2012 to 2014 while Cisco UCS revenue has increased 80%.

Cisco and Red Hat are industry leaders with vast mission-critical application experience. We understand the scalability, security, availability, and reliability requirements of mission-critical applications in the data center. I urge you to watch this new webcast as we reveal the reasons behind why making the migration from RISC/UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Cisco UCS is essential for those wanting to improve the effectiveness, functionality, and efficiency of their data centers.


Tim Stack

Product Marketing Manager

Data Center and Virtualization