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Load-Balancing at Scale

- October 23, 2017 - 1 Comment

Traditional load-balancers have operated at multi-Gbps speeds. Our recent inventions allow us to scale the load-balancing speed to multi-Tbps.

Today’s data centers have 1000s of web, application and database servers. Each server is already capable of serving multi-Gbps traffic. Hence there is a need for load-balancers to scale much higher than the legacy multi-Gbps speeds.

As the inventor of these load-balancing technologies, I have been asked by several media representatives for an interview. Please see the video above.

Load-balancing is estimated to have a $2 billion TAM (Total Addressable Market).

Here are more details of this disruptive load-balancing solution (ITD).


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  1. i think the ITD is the best value added technology on Nexus switches.we eliminate a 1 Million USD LB solution from our new Data center design and that save too much money.most enterprise only need LB with sticky session based on IP address and i even see some high end LB with fancy features configured with default IP based sticky and they struggle with performance on those LB.