Microsoft continues to enhance Microsoft Azure Stack. Our recent blog post detailed the ease of adding additional scale units to an existing Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack.  But the news does not stop there. Azure Stack customers have also asked for an increase in server capacity to handle increasing workloads and Redmond delivered.

Cisco is pleased to announce the expansion of Azure Stack systems to 16 physical servers for our solution. With this announcement, Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack now provides additional processor, memory and storage capacity:

  • 1.5 PB  storage capacity
  • 24.5 TB  memory capacity
  • 896 Intel Scalable Processors

Imagine the horsepower now available to Azure hybrid cloud customers with these increased capacities. Cisco customer base continues to grow because of the unique benefits we provide with our Cisco UCS based solution. Only Cisco offers the Azure Stack customer:

  • World’s leading network switch gold standard for data connectivity and security- Cisco Nexus.
  • Cisco only components so we control system hardware updates
  • Proven management solutions across multiple domains and regions- with UCS Manager and UCS Central to manage all your Cisco Integrated System for Azure Stack systems
  • Only solution that has 40gE standard end to end and up to 24.5 TB memory to drive more VM per server.

Microsoft Azure Stack on Cisco UCS delivers accelerated growth and innovation, provides simplified management and control, and earned confidence and trust supported by an industry-leading partnership.

Learn why customers continue to standardize on Cisco by visiting https://www.cisco.com/go/microsoft-azure-stack

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Maggie Smith

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Solutions - Data Center Marketing