Frankfurt, Germany in October transforms into a city of festivals, catering to all tastes and ages. Just two weeks ago Oktoberfest got over and last week we saw the city play host to the famous book fair. This October, Frankfurt gives techies in Europe an extra delight with a hi-tech event, Tufinnovate EMEA 2017, Oct 17-19.

Cisco is the main Gold sponsor this year at Tufinovate Frankfurt, and is showcasing both its market-leading technology innovations ACI and Tetration Analytics.  Attendees can see prima-facie, how the combined power of Cisco and Tufin can help address customer challenges in application connectivity analysis, security orchestration and continuous compliance areas. Cisco Networking and Analytics expert Juan Lage from the Insieme Business Unit, is leading a technical track titled “Cisco ACI & Tetration integrations with Tufin” on October 19, 9.30 AM to set the technology tracks in high gear. Juan comes with a stellar background in networking and has authored several papers and patents at cisco, and many of the attendees probably know him already through Cisco Live EMEA events at Berlin, London in recent years. I strongly recommend you to attend Juan’s session to get a 360 degree view of Cisco’s cutting-edge innovations in DC networking and analytics. In addition to speaking sessions, Juan and another Cisco expert Matthias Weesendorf will be demonstrating live demos at the Cisco booth through the duration of the event. So, do not miss this great opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer information sharing with Juan and learn the most about Cisco-Tufin joint solutions.

Besides Juan’s breakout sessions, you can gain a broad overview of Tufin’s vision and strategy from the keynote sessions hosted by Tufin co-founders Ruvi Kitov and Reuven Harrison and as well from guest speaker Samy Kamkar who made waves with his creation MySpace worm, industry’s fastest spreading virus of all time. Samy’s work has been cited by the NSA, triggered hearings on Capitol Hill, and has been the basis for security advancements across virtually all web browsers, smartphones, and other technologies. See Agenda for details.

In closing, I want to draw your attention to the leading joint solutions featuring Cisco ACI & Tetration Analytics with Tufin.  For Cisco ACI – Tufin solution refer to the solution brief link. For Tetration Analytics – Tufin solution refer to the solution brief link. To get you on a fast-ramp, here is an excerpt of the Tufin Cisco ACI and Tetration value-props. Tufin’s Unified security policy model with Tetration enables you to achieve continuous compliance, policy consistency across your data centers, enabling zero-trust operations. The integration of Tufin Orchestration Suite with Cisco ACI enables you to  adhere to security standards and automate the security policy configuration across Cisco ACI fabric.

Enjoy your time at Tufinnovate 2017, Frankfurt. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Ravi Balakrishnan

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Datacenter Solutions