There’s a new sheriff in Tech Town: Cisco HyperFlex.   IT teams across every industry and geography are transforming enterprise application deployments with hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI).  HCI consolidates compute, networking and storage into a single system.  And Cisco HyperFlex is the fastest growing example of this powerful new architecture.

SAP on Cisco HyperFlex

By running SAP HANA, S/4HANA, and SAP legacy applications on Cisco HyperFlex, IT organizations instantly benefit from both HANA in-memory capabilities, and dramatic performance improvements from their legacy SAP applications, without any disruption to operations.

In addition Cisco is collaborating with SAP to run SAP Data Hub on the Cisco Container Platform on top of HyperFlex infrastructure, giving businesses the flexibility of running SAP Data Hub in a containerized environment with persistent storage.  Now users can consolidate multiple Big Data sources for real-time visibility of critical business indicators.   Cisco HyperFlex offers a single infrastructure platform for businesses to modernize their entireSAP solutions environment.



But because we understand nobody casually modifies their valuable SAP landscape, we’ve worked with SAP to create a unique Proof-of-Concept environment.  Together we have collaborated to create SAP’s largest co-innovation lab.  Located on SAP’s Palo Alto campus, with over 100 nodes and over three petabytes of storage, the lab is designed specifically for HCI development and testing and will help customers with PoC projects.

Support for the Future

Cisco UCS C480 ML HyperFlex HCI solution is poised to support future IT initiatives as organizations experiment and adopt technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into their data centers. Engineered on Cisco UCS, HyperFlex can run in the same system with the new Cisco UCS C480 ML for AI and ML, giving HyperFlex customers the computing power and scale needed for AI/ML projects

With a commitment to continue innovating and a strong Cisco/SAP partnership, Cisco HyperFlex has become the infrastructure platform of choice for  modernizing  current SAP environments and simplifying future SAP initiatives. Learn more at www.cisco.com/go/hxsap

Beyond the Hype

There is bound to be a lot of hype around SAP and Hyperconverged Infrastructure at this week’s TechEd.   That is not surprising.  For many vendors HCI and SAP is their new shiny penny.  But not for Cisco.  Many of our customers, from all across the globe, have already been running production SAP environments on HyperFlex for some time now.  Please read part two to hear their stories….



Brian Ferrar

Enterprise Marketing Manager

UCS & Data Center