We have created the perfect tool for your growing data center and apps! Cisco ACI for Splunk Enterprise.


  1. Centralized monitoring
  2. Root cause analysis
  3. Compliance/audit and risk analysis
  4. Distributed cross-tier visibility

How does is work?

  1. The Add-on is the back-end of the app.
  2. Scripts are run at regular intervals to fetch and index data into Splunk
  3. REST api request are sent to the APIC securely (via SSL)
  4. APIC responds with the data in JSON format and Splunk indexes the incoming data with correct metadata
  5. The App references the indexer and populates the dashboards
  6. Multi-pod for distributed fabric visibility
  7. Micro segmentation for risk analysis
  8. Enhanced user interface (system faults view, home dashboard)
  9. Cisco ACI App Center Integration

If you want to read on more about the capabilities and details, please visit Ravi Balakrishnan’s blog here.

For the ones who cant wait to get started, watch these demo videos.

Already installed this solution and want to see more demos? Please comment below!

splunk and cisco aciIntroduction: Data Center Visibility, Compliance and Risk Analysis with Cisco ACI and Splunk (1:55)

With this solution, you can get an complete view of your physical and virtual infrastructure and identify root cause of your data center problems in minutes.




Demo: Cisco ACI and Splunk – Installation and Configuration (3:24)

This demo will walk through how to install and configure Cisco ACI solution for Splunk enterprise which consists of 2 applications: the Cisco ACI app and the Cisco ACI add-on.



Demo: Cisco ACI and Splunk – User Interface (2:26)






Cisco ACI and Splunk

Demo: Cisco ACI and Splunk – Create Users and Roles (2:46)

How to create multiple users with different capabilities and roles in the app catering to your use case.



Cisco ACI and Splunk

Demo: Cisco ACI and Splunk – Root Cause Analysis (2:11)





risk analysis

Demo: Cisco ACI and Splunk – Audit Compliancy and Risk Analysis (2:03)


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