Cloud and software-defined technologies continue to reshape traditional data centers.  Companies turning to cloud to deliver consistent services and processes have found that they can deliver elastic, safe and flexible services at the speed and expectations of their customers.  They have also discovered that cloud is extending the life of their on premise environments.

Is cloud in your toolbox?  If not, how do you choose from the surplus of solutions on the market today?  Did you ever wish for guidance from industry peers?

Since 1986, the Software & Information Industry Association has recognized the best of software and digital content with their annual CODiE award.  The CODiE is the only peer-reviewed program that showcases technology products across business and educational markets.  The results for 2017 were just announced.  Cisco repeated for the second straight year by winning:

Best Cloud Infrastructure as a Service:  Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite

Delivering elastic infrastructure at scale is only the start of Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite’s capabilities.  Composed of four components, your organization can deliver elastic, standardized services and processes across your entire organization.   Each of these components was designed to work standalone, or together, allowing you to start at the point of greatest need.  Then scale across your organization.  Here’s how:

Infrastructure Automation provisions and manages Cisco and 3rd party hardware, converged and hyper converged solutions

Cloud Management enables the modeling and deployment of applications and their supporting infrastructure into 20 different data center, on premise and public cloud environments

Service Management delivers a self-service user experience that has become standard in the industry for on-demand ordering and delivery of both IT and business services

Big Data Automation stands up and manages Hadoop clusters, OS and infrastructure from a single user interface

But we didn’t stop there.  The CODiE evaluation process started late in 2016.  Since then, Cisco has expanded capabilities of Enterprise Cloud Suite to workload optimization.  Now data centers can dynamically scale resources up or down in response to application demand.  Your business experiences cost efficiency.  It can reclaim orphaned assets and place them back into production.  Eliminate the need for over provisioning.   Optimize workload performance.

Businesses operate in a hybrid mix of cloud services.  You need a solution that allows your business to capitalize on the benefits of both on premise and public cloud platforms. Assure workloads are operating in the most cost effective environment without impacting application performance or your cloud budget.

Learn more about Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite and experience the benefits of elastic hybrid cloud service delivery for yourself.


Joann Starke

No Longer with Cisco