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In today’s world, we can all acknowledge and appreciate the growing importance that data analytics play.  It’s common knowledge that leveraging analytics leads to better data-driven decision making, stronger risk mitigation, increased competitive intelligence, and greater financial results.  However, are you aware that Bain & Company* estimates that only 4% of companies make good use of data analytics?  My hope is that all of our IT Admin clients are taking full advantage of the many insights our devices have to offer through Control Hub and our API.  Below are a few use cases.

Leveraging Analytics for a Safer Return to Office

No matter how we much may talk about the importance of social distancing, in reality, we humans are never perfect.  Luckily through intelligent analytics available through all Webex Room, Board, and Desk series devices, you can now set meeting room capacity limits and then receive alerts and notify the employees in the room whenever the capacity is exceeded.  Using data to your advantage is an effortless way to keep your employees’ health and safety a top priority.  Read more about how to set it up here.

Woman on Screen with other members at the conference table in another location

Leveraging Analytics to Optimize Device Utilization

As the way we work is dramatically changing, it is increasingly important that our physical workspaces and use of home devices also evolve to support employees.  There are many important questions you may need to answer–Which personal devices are not in use that you can reallocate to an employee in need? Will your workplace benefit more from having a few large conference rooms or many small huddle rooms?  Which departments make the most use of the whiteboarding features and what can other teams learn from them?  Through the analytics available in Control Hub, you can see patterns of device usage and be able to answer questions like these with data.  You can view usage trends for all of your devices aggregated together or even filter down to a single device.  Having data at your hands allows you to ensure you are making the right facility planning decisions, thereby saving you time and money.

Graph of device usage inclusding whiteboardin, USB passthrough, signage, local sharing wireless, in call, and local sharing cable by Hours

Leveraging Analytics For Troubleshooting

Working from home adds a few more variables into the mix as to what could be causing Webex Meetings quality of service issues.  Could it be a poor quality headset, low network bandwidth at their home, or maybe high CPU usage on their computer?  Luckily, Cisco Webex Control Hub has advanced diagnostics available to take the guessing work out.  These allow you to you pinpoint which meetings users are experiencing problems and troubleshoot those issues, including drill down minute by minute information about the audio, video, and sharing quality of a meeting.  Navigate to this webpage to see the full details of how to take advantage of these powerful analytics.


The Best Is Yet To Come

I hope you take a moment to reflect on some of the business challenges you are facing and consider how analytics from Webex Devices may be able to help you.  Check out these links below to learn how to make use of the analytics above:

These smart insights are just the start!  Being customer-obsessed, we are always listening to your feedback and working to offer you more of the features and insights you need.  Make sure you are looking for our monthly updates to stay up to date with our latest innovations in Control Hub.  In the area of analytics for intelligent workspaces, stay tuned for more features to transform some of the current descriptive analytics into prescriptive actions you can take.

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