Experts’ Insight & Trends on the Future of Work

Our daily lives and routines have gone through a huge cultural shift lately, leaving us to wonder what’s next and what the future of work will look like. To help organizations navigate our new normal, the Future of Work marathon series kicked off today with expert insights & trends on the future of work.

The keynote speaker of the day was Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow, who opened with “The Remote Work Revolution.” He reflected on our current remote work situation, noting how the acceleration of the virtualization of the world will change how we engage with customers, design our organizations and teams, and what it means to be an effective leader. Notably, he acknowledged soon there will be no such thing as remote work, just work.

The second presenter of the day, Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work segued nicely with criteria needed to be a great place to work. Based on research conducted across the globe with millions of people, he discussed best practices, technology, and culture changes needed to transform now and in the future. His insights can be summed up with “where people work isn’t as important as how they work.”

Getting Stuff Done and Accelerating Future of Work Initiatives

Closing out the day was Lorrissa Horton, Omar Tawakol, and Sandeep Mehra of the Cisco Webex Leadership Team.  They provided best practices and tools to securely connect, collaborate, and get stuff done  during this new reality. They emphasized that remote work is more than meeting together online, but encompasses frictionless collaboration, team ideation, and secure connection, providing business continuity to customers, and even building morale and camaraderie.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for our second day of this Future of Work series featuring Aruna Ravichandran, CMO of Webex, who will dive into more into the trends of #RemoteWork, and Charlie Johnston, SVP – People & Communities, Cisco, who will talk about how Cisco is innovating its culture to adapt to this new normal. Watch the view on demand recap for more insights.

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