Webex Room Phone and the Hybrid Workplace

As we transition to the hybrid workplace where work will happen both in the office and at home, simple, easy to use solutions that enhance productivity and remote collaboration are super important.

Typically, conference phones are audio-only devices or controllers for larger video systems, with the Webex Room Phone we focused on packaging the key ingredients of a Webex device and a conference phone to provide an all in one meeting and calling solution for your workspaces.

Key Features of the Room Phone

The Webex Room Phone, apart from being a great phone with a six-inch touch screen with instant access to contacts and meetings, connects to any HD display to unlock its full potential.

When users walk into a meeting room, they receive a friendly greeting. Then, with a click of a button from the Webex app installed on their personal device, users can share content wirelessly without ever touching the Room Phone! If there are others in the room, they’ll see the shared content on the connected, external display. For times when a guest comes into your office and wants to share content and happens to not have the Webex app, they can easily pair to the device using a web browser and share content wirelessly.

When it’s time for a meeting user can use the Webex app to initiate a wireless meeting join. In a meeting, the Room Phone provides room-filling 360-degree HD audio with acoustic echo canceling and noise reduction, the external display provides participant details, in-meeting notifications for additional context, and displays the content shared either by participants in the room or remotely.

Users can also call their colleagues or any PSTN number easily using the Call app on the device. Room phone registers natively with Cisco Unified Communications manager and Webex to make this functionality easy to deploy for IT admins and allowing your organization to protect their existing on-premise calling investment.

Finally, when the device is not used, we allow you to deliver content to the display using our integration with our Digital signage partner Appspace

The Webex Room Phone is more than another conference phone—it’s a key element in the future of collaboration.

Watch this video to see some of the key features of the Room Phone:

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