Cisco Webex and MazeMap Join Together to Deliver Market Leading WiFi Technology 

Cisco Webex partners with MazeMap in response to post pandemic planning. The world is returning to a new normal with “the hybrid workplace” in mind.  By jointly collaborating with corporate office facilities teams and large hospital campuses, MazeMap and Cisco Webex aim to deliver market leading WiFi technology with resource finding and booking tools – key solutions for safe return to campuses and offices.

As the world prepares to return to the office, the “how can we do this safely” question looms large.

There are risks associated with returning to the office, such as too many people crowded together in one space. Pitfalls range from employees filling up hallways searching for open desks or meeting rooms or, too many people getting together in one room for a meeting.

Webex partnered with MazeMap, and together they set out on a mission to figure out a way to alleviate these concerns.

What is the Webex and MazeMap’s Solution?

Getting from point A to point B quickly and efficiently is important, especially now, and that is why MazeMap is the perfect partner. MazeMap is the leading global provider of digital wayfinding solutions for large buildings and campuses. MazeMap’s digital wayfinding solution and Webex Devices make for a great duo. With this integration, employees will be able to:

  • Book a meeting room and receive directions on how to get there
  • Monitor occupancy levels of meeting rooms
  • See a full layout of the office building

Finding an open meeting room can be difficult. Additionally, sometimes people book a room and never show up. What’s possible with Webex and MazeMap for end-users is huge. They could see which rooms are available, book with one click and cancel their booking if plans change. See how it could look!

Another pain point of returning to the office is the risk of too many people in one space. Let’s say there is a team meeting scheduled in a meeting room. Once the room reaches max occupancy that ensures social distancing, the next person to walk in will get alerted that the room is already full. From there, a QR code will pop up on the Webex Device, giving directions to the next available room the rest of the team can meet in.

Another possibility is to use Webex Boards as kiosks, which is exactly what one of our mutual customers has done. This solution allows employees at the site to find out exactly where they need to go, book resources or see if resources are available, making the return to office journey smoother.

Check out this video to see how it all comes together.

Accelerate Transforming the Workplace 

MazeMap and Webex gets employees to where they need to go efficiently and safely. Taking out the headache of finding a meeting room and the stress of risking exposure.

MazeMap CEO Thomas Jelle says “The collaboration with Cisco, enabled MazeMap to provide a solution with many possibilities”. As Cisco looks to double down on ecosystem and partnerships Alyson Hoagland-Pace, Director says “Cisco has had a long-standing relationship with MazeMap, and now that they are an integral part of our ecosystem, together we can accelerate transforming the workplace.

Learn more about Webex and Mazemap on apphub.webex.com and contact your Cisco representative for more information on how to take advantage of this awesome partnership

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