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An Easy and Fast Way to Stay Connected with Ava

Happy couple visiting grandmother via Ava RoboticsWouldn’t it be great to have a way for patients in hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, and other long-term care facilities to stay connected with their loved ones during the current time and beyond? Connected in a way that it seems they are together, in person?  After all, being with family is what helps us get through tough times. Unfortunately, during these recent challenging times, most of these facilities have been forced to close their doors to their patient’s loved ones.  

Strict rules put in place have made it nearly impossible for patients to have any in-person interaction with their families. So how can healthcare facilities enable patients to communicate and connect with their families in a secure, safe, and simple way? 

Fortunately, there is a way: Ava.  Ava is like a friend to everyone in need.  

So What is Ava?

Grandma visiting in the cafeteria “Ava” is a Webex-powered telepresence robot manufactured by Ava Robotics that has the mobilized ability to bring video communication wherever you are. Parents, kids, grandkids, and siblings are able to virtually sit across the table from their loved ones in a nursing home and have real-time conversations through Ava. They can physically see how each other are doing and can catch up on lost time.  

How Does Ava Help? 

Ava provides touch-free virtual communication. The nurse specifies which room Ava needs to visit and Ava automatically goes about its way using advanced mapping technologies to navigate through the floor. “Being able to connect with people that you don’t get to visit is everything,” says Karly Zelaska, Wellness Director. 

Ava Robotics uses Webex Meetings, Webex Teams, and Webex Devices to facilitate the workflow.  

Improving Lives 

Not only is Cisco’s partnership with Ava Robotics helping families reconnect but it is improving the quality of care that healthcare facilities are able to offer. Doctors have faster turnaround times because they do not have to travel between facilities and they can be available for their patients on demand when care is needed.  

Watch this video to learn more and see the impact Ava has had 

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