Venkat Bongoni

Software Engineering Technical Leader

Cisco IT

Venkat Bongoni is a Software Engineering Technical Leader, and the Lead Architect for AIOps Service for Cisco IT. He has over 17 years of IT experience, including leading the design and architecture of AIOps & Full Stack Observability (FSO) products that deliver analytics and visualization across end user business transactions, applications, and infrastructure in IT, and drive continued improvements in monitoring to increasing efficiency in IT operations. Venkat joined Cisco in 2011. His focus has been to design, develop, and deploy high critical platforms for monitoring Cisco applications and infrastructure for operational excellence and ensuring scalable and distributed platforms (Enterprise Search Platform and Observability platforms - Event management platform, Infrastructure Performance Analysis platform,Log Intelligence Platform) to help shape and improve Cisco solutions. He frequently shares Cisco IT’s AIOps experiences with customers. Prior to joining Cisco, he worked for AT&T, Century Networks in USA, and Tata Communications(India) and was responsible for building the solutions — layer 1 design and inventory management, automated end-to-end circuit design and integrated network solutions(Wired, Wireless, Data, IP networks). Venkat holds bachelor’s degree (B.Tech Computer Science Engineering) from India. He lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife and two kids. Outside the office he enjoys all outdoor traveling and spending time with family and friends.