Travis Norling

IT Manager

Cisco IT - Global Infrastructure Services (GIS)

Travis Norling is currently an IT Manager working with a team of engineers to identify and kickstart new technology deployments within Cisco IT. He and his team focus on learning by doing and finding simplicity within complex problems.


March 29, 2021


Journey to a software-defined access fabric network, part 1

Cisco IT has powerful motivations to shift to a software-defined access (SD-Access) fabric network, as part of our ongoing journey to an advanced network architecture. In this blog I will explain these motivations. In part 2 (coming soon), I’ll share our guiding principles, how we did it, and payoffs to date. Over the last several […]

June 10, 2019


IoT—Now on the Campus Fabric: Report from the Front Lines

This blog explains why and how we’re extending our campus fabric to the Internet of Things (IoT). Just interested in the engineering? Scroll down to “Start here if you just...