Tony DeGruy

IT Manager

Advanced Cisco Experience (ACE)

Tony is the IT Manager for the Advanced Cisco Experience (ACE) and Development team who is responsible for providing early field trial access to leading edge collaboration solutions and relentless automation for Cisco's Collaboration Sales force. In addition, Tony is an IT Advisor as well as a corporate story teller providing Executive Briefing support for customers on the Cisco Collaboration journey and how ACE provided our salesforce with a competitive advantage. As a Technology Evangelist, Tony has worked as a business architect across multiple domains within IT as it aligns with his passion to see technology deliver on the promises to improve the quality of life wherever it intersects with people.


March 9, 2020


Collaboration gets more convenient with each new Webex Teams integration

Cisco IT’s vision for Webex Teams. is to bring collaboration tools right to our users’ fingertips by integrating Webex Teams with Cisco and third-party applications. We think of it as meeting people where they are — in any application.