Saul Adler

Technical Lead

Cisco Central Network Software

Saul is Technical Lead within Cisco’s central network software organization. He has driven software innovation at Cisco 10+ years in Security, Network Virtualization, MPLS L3VPNs and most recently enhancements to EIGRP. Saul has submitted patents for Cisco in Security and Network Virtualization.  

Prior to Cisco, Saul was a Network Engineering manager at Bankers Trust and Deutsche Bank, over a period of 13 + years. He was initially responsible for engineering their private global X.25 network which evolved into engineering their global IP network.  



Simplifying Multi-Provider WAN Designs

This week, at Cisco Live Orlando, we are introducing a brand new EIGRP feature called Over-the-Top (OTP). EIGRP OTP is focused on simplifying the deployment of branch networks utilizing an EIGRP end-to-end solution over public and private networks. This simplicity is further enhanced with EIGRP use of Over-the-Top (OTP) to support multiple service provider IP networks. […]

Cisco Opens Up EIGRP

What’s new and exciting with EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)? Actually, lots…  First a bit a background on EIGRP. EIGRP is an advanced distance vector routing protocol used extensively by enterprise customers.  It is very popular because it is simple to deploy and support. Some major attributes are: EIGRP does not mandate many network design […]

Network wide Bonjour® – How would you support Bonjour across multiple VLANs?

As the saying goes, “every stick has two ends". While laptops, smartphones and tablets have enabled us to be more mobile without compromising on being “connected,” with it comes challenges...