Russ Gyurek



Russ Gyurek currently a Director of IoT CTO and Industries in the Cisco IoT CTO group. He has over 25 years of networking related technology experience, the majority in leadership positions.

Russ’s expertise includes IoT/connectivity, analytics and big data, cloud, optical networking technologies, broadband architectures and related technical policy, strategic partnerships and emerging market development.

He has held various leadership roles in creating strategy and direction in these areas. In Russ’s current role he is responsible for technology leadership, market development, future looking university research engagements, partner due diligence, and enablement related to IoT and IoT security baselines and policy.


Can manufacturing go wireless in a 5G/Wi-Fi 6 world?

With the recent availability of Wi-Fi 6 solutions, the launch of 5G pilot projects and new shared license spectrum policies, many are wondering: Can manufacturing go further down the wireless path?