Srinivasa Sastry Pathuri

Technical Leader

Cisco IT

Srinivasa Sastry Pathuri is a Network Systems Technical Leader in the IT department at Cisco Systems. His team is responsible for designing, implementing, and operating Cisco office networks across the globe. Sastry has worked on redesigning and standardizing Cisco office network environments using Cisco Catalyst 9000 platforms. He also led onboarding for 300+ office buildings to the Cisco DNA Center, engaging SREs to automate some onboarding tasks using API calls. Cisco DNA Center is at the center of day-to-day network operations and troubleshooting for the Cisco IT team.


January 10, 2023


Learning to SWIM faster, more easily – and more often

Cisco IT is harnessing the power of Cisco DNA Center to perform operating system software image management (SWIM) upgrades faster and more consistently than ever before.