Prateek Verma

Agile & DevOps Coach

IT as a Business - Continuous Delivery

Prateek is an Agile and DevOps Enthusiast, Coach and Trainer at Cisco. He is passionate about Continuous Value delivery. He focuses on mindset shift towards agility at every level of the organisation through coaching and consulting assignments. He has trained over 600 employees across the globe on Lean Agile Thinking and associated practices.

His mission is to take agility beyond software development to every function of the Enterprise.

Prateek is a passionate speaker and has shared Cisco’s story with several customers and advised them on Agile and DevSecOps transformation. He has been invited by customers like Standard Chartered Bank and Tata Business Excellency Group to deliver talks and provide guidance on their state of agility.

Prior to discovering his passion for Lean Agile, Prateek worked as a Software Engineer in Cisco Engineering division working on OSS/BSS products in Cisco Network Management Technology Group and Cisco’ UCS product line. He has also served as a Business Operations Analyst for CX organisation and as a Project Manager in Cisco IT.


October 2, 2019


Principles of Agile Infrastructure

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August 28, 2019


The Agility Quadrant

Can agility be delegated or outsourced? Or must it be cultivated by self and ingrained by leadership? Put your organization on the path to relentless improvement through continuous learning.

July 30, 2019


The Law of Conservation of Agility

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