Plamen Nedeltchev

Distinguished Engineer

Information Technology

Dr. Plamen Nedeltchev started his career with Cisco as a consulting support engineer in September 1999 and evolved from support and implementation to design and lead architectural role. Nedeltchev is Cisco Pioneer Award honorees for Core Cisco Technology twice - in 2004 and in 2011. His primary responsibilities now are the strategy and architecture of next generation network of Cisco IT, called Extended Enterprise Network (E2N).

Nedeltchev has published more than 45 white papers, studies, and research articles. He authored a Cisco Press book "Troubleshooting Remote Access Networks" in 2002. He holds multiple patents in US and abroad in Computer Design, Training and Education, Communications, Networking, Security, Mobility, Media awareness and Network provisioning and management. He is an honoree of the management and Innovation and Patent Award of Cisco IT for Y2010.

Nedeltchev became one of Cisco’s Teleworker evangelists for Cisco and the industry for years. He is one of the architects of Cisco's own Virtual Office (CVO), considered the best high end industry solution, recently deployed to more than 27,000 Cisco IT users and more than 300,000 users worldwide. He is one of the Technical leaders of John Chamber’s Technology Fund for new Cisco technologies.

He has been the home networking, zero touch deployment, medianet and network intelligence evangelist for Cisco and the industry for almost a decade now. He believes that the simplicity as “the ultimate sophistication” and zero touch technologies are industry imperatives and have to in the DNA of the network of the future. He believes the network has the most profound impact on the excellence of user experience. He believes the network is the major enabler of IoE technologies and the next frontier for Cisco.

Nedeltchev holds Master of Science in Computer Design from Saint Petersburg and Ph.D. in networking and communications. As a member of the Cisco on Cisco family he is often in front of the customers as a technical advisor, mentor, and inspirational leader helping foster the next generation Cisco innovation.


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