Phoebe Leet

Head of Employee Engagement

Cisco Human Resources, EMEA Region

In her current role with Cisco Human Resources, Phoebe Leet helps the company deliver a positive and effective employee experience through programs such as telework.

Before joining Cisco in 2003, Phoebe worked in Strategy & Planning at O2 and prior to that as an Industry Analyst for Gartner.

When she’s not at a Cisco office or teleworking from home, Phoebe enjoys family life with her two sons and husband and spending time with friends.



June 7, 2013


How Telework Helps Cisco Recruit and Retain Employees

Why does top talent choose to join a company? Then, once they are employees, why do they stay? At Cisco, one factor is consistent among our diverse, global workforce: the flexibility of our telework program and the Cisco technologies that enable it. Recruiting the Best Workforce As a global company, we know that talent lives […]

May 8, 2013


What Makes a Telework Program Successful?

The Cisco telework program has evolved over the years from a convergence of top-down company practices with bottom-up changes in employee expectations. From our experience we have learned how several factors can make flexible work a success for everyone. Clear policies and company culture. Cisco has adopted a flexible policy that enables many employees to […]