Paul King

Director, Cyber Intelligence

Security & Trust Organisation

I've always been interested in technology. My degree was in Chemical Engineering, and my first job was in oil exploration. My move into IT came when I joined IBM, working on a brand new protocol called TCP/IP, and became known as the chap who could connect a DEC PDP11 to a IBM S/370. After several years at IBM, I joined Cisco in 1994.

Initially I worked on migrating large SNA networks over to TCP/IP but soon I found I was spending more and more time on cyber security, and I have been working in that area ever since. I now work in the Security & Trust Organisation (S&TO) as Director of Cyber Intelligence. My main area of interest is researching new ways to detect sophisticated targetted attacks, especially using big data techniques. This work also covers insider threats and techniques in behavioural analysis.

My work includes supporting Law Enforcement in their efforts to thwart cyber crime, and that involves many partnerships with all sorts of organisations. I am a member of the Internet Security Advisory Group at Europol’s European CyberCrime Centre (EC3).

In my spare time I flit between various projects, and at the moment these include enhancing the video link on my home-made drone and continually tuning and tweaking my vinyl record turntable.