Patrick Warichet

Technical Marketing Engineer for NOSTG

Patrick is a Technical Marketing Engineer for NOSTG. He is specialized in Data Center technologies and has expertise in FabricPath, OTV, VxLAN and Network Virtualization.

Patrick has gathered is experience while working for the Data Center, Switching & Services Group in the Customer Operation Organization. Within this group Patrick Worked on customer critical issues focusing on the Catalyst and Nexus platform.

Prior to join DSSG, Patrick was a Customer Support Engineer for the LAN Switching group in Brussels (Belgium).

Prior to Join Cisco Patrick Warichet was a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation, focusing on European Commission Network Operation.

Patrick Warichet is an Electrical Engineer from the Industrial Engineering School of Brussels (Belgium)


XMPP: A Power Tool in Your Tool Box

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Top Things to Know About DFA Before Cisco Live Milan

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