Nikhil Khare

Tech Lead, Application Services Factory

Cisco IT

Nikhil Khare is an upcoming Tech Lead in the Application Services Factory in Cisco IT. He oversees the software delivery for several Cisco Mobile and Web applications – in dual capacity of a Front–End Web Developer and Scrum Master. He is currently playing a crucial role in driving an initiative to help improve User Experience across a variety of services at Cisco IT.

Nikhil has a BA in Social Computing, Informatics from the University of Michigan and is a passionate traveler and enjoys team sports.


September 19, 2016


End-User Feedback Captured by Cisco InTouch Helps Improve IT Services

Cisco IT leaders recognized in early 2013 that employees were having amazing interactions with the devices and software they were using outside of work. Technologies like the iPhone, the iPad, and Gmail were rapidly becoming integral to their lives. Meanwhile, the tools and technologies that they used for work were not providing the same experience—and […]