Michelle Myzell

Senior Program Manager

Cisco IT


Michelle Myzell leads the Program Office for ACE Managing the Business Operations and Project Management teams.  Since joining Cisco in 2006 she was hired to create the idea of “Eat Your Own Dog food” for the Unified Communications product line resulting in the Program we now know as the Advanced Cisco Experience or ACE.  The original concept for ACE was to allow Cisco Sales to utilize the UC products and features at EFT or pre-EFT code release specializing in a more technical audience.  Starting ACE from the ground floor the Program has grown exponentially to include other product lines as well as expanding the audience to include a less technical skillset.  She holds a bachelor’s degree as well as PMP and SAPM Certifications from Cisco.



Prior to joining Cisco, Michelle was the Senior Program Manager for a Telecom company managing the largest VoIP roll-out in the US.  Outside of work, Michelle enjoys playing tennis, singing in a band as well as being with friends, family and her two dogs. 



July 18, 2013


ACE Network: Building Stronger Team Relationships with Video Calls

In my job as Program Manager for the Cisco IT Advanced Cisco Experience (ACE) Program, I need to meet regularly with my team members, leaders of the user communities we serve, and other colleagues who are all over the world. Sure, I could handle some of these interactions with an audio-only phone call, but I’d […]