Marcin Noga

Senior Research Engineer

Vulnerability Research Team (TALOS)

Marcin 'Icewall' Noga is an Polish computer security researcher with over 7 years experience.

He graduated in 2011 from Wrocław University of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. For all these years working in computer security industry he was related with different areas, inter alia:

IT Security Researcher in different fields

- close and open code auditing software applications and web applications

Reverse engineer (Malware analyst)

- 5 years of collaboration with Hispasec Sistemas (Virustotal)

Web applications and Network pentester

- doing pentests for large financial institutions,banks,GSM providers

Security tools developer in different programming languages


- Reverse Engineering Basic

- Reverse Engineering Advanced - malware analysis

- Attacks and protection World Wide Web - pentesting

You will find all his previous research on his personal blog.

Twitter : https://twitter.com/_Icewall

Git: https://github.com/icewall

Personal blog : http://www.icewall.pl/?lang=en