Manny Garcia

Automation Lead Engineer


Manny Garcia leads a team of engineers who are responsible for automation tools related to unified communications and video services on the Cisco ACE network. These tools encompass infrastructure management and operations, user provisioning, support, and analytics. In previous roles at Cisco, he worked on tools development for the IT alpha team and on IPv6 adoption in the Cisco network including early IPv6 access to cisco.com. Before joining Cisco in 2009, Manny worked for a software-as-a-service company in the renewable energy industry, where he also developed tools for managing infrastructure. Away from the office he participates in projects for open-source hardware prototyping and enjoys scuba diving, hockey, and travel.


September 28, 2020


3 ways Cisco DNA Center and ServiceNow integration makes IT more efficient

Today’s highly complex and dynamic networks create demands that often exceed the capacity of IT operations teams. Within Cisco IT, we are meeting these demands by creating integrations between Cisco DNA Center and ServiceNow.

April 25, 2016


Smart Spaces Drives Innovation and Creates New User Experiences

With the Cisco Smart Spaces solution, we’re forging new ground in the workplace and in the industry. Smart Spaces transforms the way we interact with our workspaces. It changes how...

May 22, 2013


ACE Network: Empowering Users with Self-Service Provisioning and Support Tools

When the ACE pilot network began inside Cisco, it supported a much smaller audience.  In those days we only had around 1000 users, and for the most part these were very technically savvy people.  Mostly they were power users, who could use tools normally provided to our engineering group with ease.  As our ACE “service […]