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Litsa Pitsillidou

Business Operations and Marketing Communications Manager
Cisco Support Community

Litsa Pitsillidou has been part of the Cisco Support Community team for 10 years and with Cisco for over 13 years. Her primary focus has been in marketing communications and working on community programs such as the Ask the Expert events, interviews with our top community contributors, rewards and recognition, and working closely with our Cisco subject matter experts.

Litsa has always been drawn to positions where she could work with people from different cultures and backgrounds, like the people in the Cisco Support Community. Her career in the high-tech industry has been in customer-focused positions, expanding into different continents.

Her career began in the health care industry, where she worked in cognitive rehabilitation. Litsa’s educational background in psychology is a solid foundation for her listening and effective communication skills. She loves to travel, and has a passion for cooking and experimenting with foods.

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