Joe DeSanto

Engineering Technical Staff

Global Information Systems

Joe DeSanto has been in the IT space his entire career. He started working in the hardware and software space with Sun Microsystems as a Systems Support Engineer, supporting Cisco’s global infrastructure during the dot.com era.

He has been with Cisco over 12 years. The first 7 years he has focused on storage where he supported, implemented and designed Cisco IT’s SAN and NAS topology.

Following that, he has helped architect Cisco’s global data center compute, storage, and network designs in the ever-changing IT landscape.

He is currently a member of Technical Staff working on the Infrastructure Strategy and Validation team. Joe is responsible for enabling quality, speed and agility of decision making through data exchange, trusted partnerships with Cisco business units, IT infrastructure services and industry experts. Joe currently holds a CCIE and a BS in technical management from DeVry University.

When he is not working, he enjoys home brewing and playing competitive golf in and around Raleigh, North Carolina.


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