Jim Yam

IT Engineer Lead

Video Operations and Support

Jim Yam has been involved with Cisco TelePresence since it was first deployed within the company. At Cisco for more than 13 years, Jim previously worked in Cisco IT network operations before transferring to video operations. Prior to Cisco, Jim tested network printer firmware at Lexmark and also worked for a Cisco channel partner.

Away from work, Jim enjoys coaching volleyball and stays active playing sports like tennis and golf.


May 29, 2013


Cisco Prime Collaboration in Cisco IT Video Operation

Cisco Prime Collaboration (CPC) is based on years of partnership and collaboration between Cisco IT and the Cisco Network Management Technology Group (NMTG). Today CPC is a critical part of our internal video operations process, with useful capabilities like –       Proactive monitoring and alerts for video endpoint faults –       Real-time monitoring of live sessions and […]