Jim Marshall

Cisco IT Engineer

Core Voice Operations

Jim Marshall has worked in Cisco IT’s voice operations team since joining the company in 2008. His team supports the company’s entire global voice infrastructure, including all Cisco UCM clusters, gateways, and other elements.

Before Cisco, Jim worked as a network engineer for SunTrust Bank and as a voice engineer for AT&T. He teleworks full-time from his home near the beach in Florida, where he enjoys scuba diving.


June 19, 2013


Managing a Massive Voice Infrastructure with Cisco Prime Collaboration

Cisco IT monitors and manages a huge voice infrastructure, with over 200,000 UC endpoints, and the Cisco Prime Collaboration solution helps us do this work efficiently. For example, a common problem for my team is identifying which devices are provisioned in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Cisco UCM), but are no longer in use. This […]