Jason Frazier

System Architect

Identity Based Networking Services (IBNS)

Jason Frazier has been involved in the Networking industry for over 15 years. His technical background is strongly based on operations and design practices for network environments. Lately, he has been developing interests in the area of Management, with recent focus on network programmability. Jason has worked in development and marketing for a variety of Cisco products and solutions. He has been a systems architect and one of the founders of Cisco's Identity Based Networking Services (IBNS) initiative. He has authored many Cisco solution guides and often participates in industry forums such as Cisco Live. He is also the author of Cisco Press books like "LAN Security: What Hackers Know About Your Switches”.


Programmability in Python: Confessions of a Networking Guy

I am not qualified to discuss it much, but can you guess what this does? ne = NetworkElement("", "JasonsApp") conn = ne.connect("admin", "cisco", sc) intf1 = ne.get_interface_by_name("FastEthernet0/1") intf1.shut_down(1) sleep(5) intf1.shut_down(0)   If you guessed that it logs into a switch at and disables interface F0/1 for 5 seconds and re-enables it, then you guessed […]