Ian Pudney

Senior Manager, Service Management Office

Unified Communication and Video Platforms

Since mid-2011, Ian Pudney has worked with his team to build the service management office for the unified communication (UC) and video services within Cisco IT. This team of service managers and analysts create functions, processes, and procedures to measure and improve the delivery of UC and video services to Cisco users.


Since joining Cisco in 1996, most of Ian’s career has involved unified communications, including program and project management for the initial deployment of IP telephony and UC solutions within Cisco and managing a UC design engineering team. Ian also has experience with deployment of Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) solutions in Cisco data centers, including planning the migration of UC platforms to the UCS servers.


Ian holds a joint degree in mathematics and management from the University of Nottingham. Away from work, he enjoys watching and coaching his children in football (soccer), plays football himself, and works on do-it-yourself home renovation projects.



March 19, 2014


UC – How does Cisco IT Support and Manage its UC Services?

Cisco IT supports all its services with a global service management and delivery team. I am the service owner for the IT UC and video team; we own the strategy, planning and delivery of voice and video services throughout the Cisco enterprise.

January 22, 2014


Migration – How did Cisco IT get from Legacy PBX to Unified Communications?

There is plenty of reading collateral out on the internet that covers the “technology” side of migrating from a legacy voice system to IP Telephony and Unified Communications (e.g. Cisco Collaboration Systems Migration and the Cisco IT Migration Best Practice) but not much that covers the human aspects that need consideration.

January 15, 2014


What is Cisco IT’s UC Global Cluster Architecture?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve progressively centralized our UC architecture. As WAN services have become bigger, better and more cost effective, we’ve been able to rely more heavily on the network to extend UC services out to the branch networks. 

January 8, 2014


The Road to Unified Communications – Flexibility, Mobility, Simplicity

When a particularly transformational technology comes along, Cisco IT sets out to be Cisco’s first and best customer. We use it, adopt it, and prove it adds value to the business. By doing this, we’re not only able to show customers the value of our product, but we’re also able to find new-technology issues before […]

January 11, 2013


How Cisco IT Manages UC and Video Services

Cisco IT is transforming itself to deliver IT As A Service (ITAAS), and this is changing the way we deliver all IT services internally, including our unified communications (UC) and video services. For the business, we offer transparent IT cost information and (over time) cost reduction, as well as the ability to re-use service components […]