Gyosei Harikawa

Cisco Japan

Gyosei joined Cisco at Jan. 2006. He started as lead of Cisco APJC HR payroll IT which covers 30K+ Cisco employee’s HR, stock, salary, expense and compensations. While fulfilling his global role, Gyosei dedicated strong efforts on regional customer success. He worked with sales teams closely and delivered 200+ Cisco on Cisco speeches to Cisco Japan customers and partners from various industries.

From year 2018 Gyosei shifted his role to Cisco Japan CTO and regional lead covering functions of client experience, customer success and cyber information securities. He manages the Cisco IT internship program which intimately connects with Cisco key customers and helps them achieving IT missions by collaborating with Cisco on areas like IT governance, ITaaS, Data center & cloud, IT security, network, work style & collaboration, IT talent management and so on. Gyosei is lead of Cisco Japan Security & Privacy Protection Committee which manages employee & data cybersecurity.

Prior to joining Cisco, Gyosei worked for IBM Japan and Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi. Gyosei has a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Shanghai TongJi University and a MBA degree from Japan Aoyama Gakuin University.

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