Elbin Chiu

Cisco IT Home and Remote Access Service Manager

Elbin has been with Cisco for over 9 years; and the past 5 years working in Cisco IT, both in Data Center and in Networking Infrastructure.  In her current role as Home and Remote Access Service Manager, Elbin supports all Cisco employees by enabling a high-quality, easy-to-use set of teleworking services.  . When she’s not at a Cisco office or teleworking from home, Elbin enjoys exploring the California Bay Area, and trying out new restaurants and different cuisines


July 17, 2013


How Cisco IT Delivers Teleworker Services

What does it actually take to enable the 89 percent of Cisco employees who do at least some of their work remotely? For Cisco IT, this challenge means supporting products and services on both sides of the connection: in the teleworker’s home (and on their mobile devices) and in the Cisco corporate network. Cisco Teleworkers […]