Ed Schermerhorn

Consulting Systems Engineer

Commercial East Collaboration Group

Ed Schermerhorn is a Consulting Systems Engineer in the Commercial East Collaboration Group. He joined Cisco through the Tandberg acquisition in 2010. Prior to joining Tandberg in 2007, Ed was a Subject Matter Expert on Video Conferencing Technology with IBM Global Services, and has been in Video/TelePresence Technology since 1998. He is very passionate about helping his customers embrace a new way of collaboration, and is always seeking ways new uses for video/TelePresence technology.

Outside of Cisco, Ed, along his wife LeighAnn, deploys his passion to encourage action in the foster care and adoption areas. They have 4 living children, three of whom came to them through the blessing of adoption. He also takes pride in being one of the handful of Cisco employees in the State of Delaware.


April 23, 2013


A Delicious Experience: Connecting Kids in Rural Ghana with Kids at Hershey’s via Telepresence

I am often asked what it takes to create a successful telepresence experience. Usually, I respond with requirements like: a high-speed network, great lighting, good acoustic space and the right equipment. However, after a trip I took late last year, I’m going to add “stable power” to the list, and here’s why. In late 2011, […]