Donald Gunn

Program Manager, IT

Cisco IT Mobility Solutions

At Cisco for more than 7 years, Donald’s passion for mobility stems from his experience with end user devices such as smartphones, tablets, and desktops (including Mac/security), and delivering services to users.

As a Chartered Engineer and member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Donald focuses on device management and security and service delivery at Cisco, including remote connectivity, regulating VPN, and verifying interoperability. He also collaborates with service providers for apps such as Cisco Jabber and WebEx.

Donald enjoys gardening, being a part of his local church, building and running sound systems, and listening to his music collection. He also loves spending time with his family and two kids (aged 11 and 9).


December 4, 2013


How Does Enterprise IT Respond to Consumerization? To Mac, BYOD, and Whatever Comes Next?

There’s a new force changing the way Cisco IT operates, the way we plan and develop new services, and the way we support our employees. Consumerization is showing us how to help our employees to be more productive and more satisfied – if we can learn to listen and respond.