David Davila

Technical Support Manager

Employee Services Technical Support

David Davila is a Technical Support Manager for the Employee Services Technical Support at Cisco Systems. He has worked in different capacities at Cisco since 2002. Initially, as a Contractor providing direct technical support to Cisco employees in South America and Canada and then eventually working as a Technical Support Team Lifecycle Lead. Then he began working directly for Cisco in 2015 at first as a Lifecycle Lead for Engineering Services and then moved on to his current role as a Technical Support Manager responsible for overseeing Tier 1 support for Internal Directory & Authentication Service which includes Password Management, Multi-Factor Authentication and Zero Trust along with other Service Offerings. He also oversees Tier 1 support for One Access under the Service: Identity and Access Management. He also is responsible for the Employee Services Technical Support Accounts Team which provides Tier 1 - Level 2 support for Access issues employees experience. He also is a member of the Global Technical Support Escalation Desk which assists with addressing various levels of escalated issues company wide. David is responsible for Tier 1 Support optimization and overall client support experience for the internal Cisco Services he is responsible for. David has worked on many projects focusing on continuous improvement and innovation within his team. More recently he has collaborated with the Internal Directory & Authentication Service Team and worked on facilitating the creation of the ‘Duo MFA and Zero Trust Support Bot’ which was designed to provide Cisco employees with support options such as easy to access self-help solutions, access to a Click-To-Chat agent or to Open a Case if needed, from within the Webex based Bot. When David isn’t focusing on work and overall support optimization, he is supporting his sons and their travel soccer (futball) competitions which he enjoys videoing and editing for college promotion purposes. Photography and photo/video editing allows David to relax and enjoy exploring his creative side while still enjoying the technology behind this hobby.


November 30, 2021


Zero Trust framework improves workforce security and productivity, while cutting support costs

When we relied only on the password login process, approximately 80 percent of all hacks were a result of credentials/identity theft, and VPN safeguards were only used for some applications. With Zero Trust, Cisco employees save more than 410,000 VPN authentications per month, resulting in millions of productivity dollars saved per year.