David Neustedter



I have been a design engineer in IT workin on Cisco Unified Communications deployments for almost 10 years and have lead both the architecture and design efforts of our internal Unity deployments since we first started planning our internal deployments. I work across the breadth the UC technologies and continue to develop a suite of internal IT tools for use with UC as well as focusing on deployments of Ciscos UC management suite.

I joined Cisco in 1997, initially providing internal support for desktop users, then moving to a system administration and tools development role, and finally into the Unified Communications space.

Prior to Cisco, I was co-foundeder adn principal engineer for a company specializing in industrial wastewater treatment equipment. I hold BS and MS degrees in information systems and away from work I enjoy my family, following politics, and brewing beer.


December 19, 2012


“Rules of Thumb” for Co-Locating UC Hosts on Cisco UCS Servers

One part of my job involves designing the virtualization model for our internal unified communications (UC) system deployments around the world. A critical task in this design is specifying which UC virtual machines (VMs) can share a Cisco Unified Computing System (Cisco UCS) server chassis or blade and which ones can’t. When migrating UC servers […]