Damien Stenning

Senior Network Engineer

Cisco IT - Global Infrastructure Services (GIS)

Damien Stenning is a Sr. Network Engineer for the Global Infrastructure Services (GIS) team within Cisco IT. In his current role, Damien is focused on network security and driving a security first mindset within IT. He is also the Subject Matter Expert for remote access services within Cisco IT, having been the lead for the software VPN services provided by Cisco to its employees for several years. His previous roles have covered many areas with Cisco IT, including working on the deployment of file sharing services, native desktop encryption and driving a faster adoption of new services within the remote access space.

When he is not protecting the Cisco network, Damien has a passion for photography and is rarely seen without a camera in his hand. He lives in the UK with his wife and two children and they enjoy exploring the British country side when the weather permits.

The views and opinions expressed in Damien’s blogs are his own and not that of Cisco.