Chris Herl

IT Manager

I have been with Cisco for 14 years,and have enjoyed a variety of different roles. I started out as a Network Engineer supporting,maintaining and deploying the Global WAN backbone for Cisco's internal Networking infrastructure. After being a Network Engineer for just over 9 years, I became a Manager,of the team that managed Cisco's Data Center Implementations. This includes the environments that support cisco.com, which accounts for over 90% of the revenue for Cisco Products and Services.  I am now a Manager of the Global Network Design team, and am responsible for transformational Enterprise wide designs to deliver Cisco's future innovative Global Network


October 22, 2014


How Cisco IT Is Preparing the Global WAN for More Cloud Applications

Cisco IT is preparing our global WAN for employees’ growing use of third-party cloud services. Already we use more than 400 cloud services. The most popular are Cisco WebEx, Salesforce, SAP, and Office365.

September 17, 2014


How Cisco IT Plans Capacity for Wireless LAN Access

  Brett Belding The capacity requirements for Cisco WLANs have held steady over the last decade—until now. The big change is more devices and more video use: