Andrae Middleton

Security Intelligence Engineer

Security Intelligence Operations

Andrae Middleton is a security intelligence engineer at Cisco Systems, where he researches threats, vulnerabilities, and exploits, subsequently providing mitigation solutions, best practices guides, whitepapers, and consultation to the security field.

His background includes great diversity spanning core routing and switching to IP telephony and wireless. He is also a professor at DeVry University where he enjoys educating and mentoring the bright minds of today's society, and our future.

Andrae has completed an Associates Degree from Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC and a bachelors degree in Network Communications Management from DeVry University. In continuing his education he obtained a Masters Degree in Information Technology, and is in the final phase of his Ph.D in Organizational Management with a specialization in Information Technology at Capella University. He holds numerous Cisco and IT industry certifications including the CISSP and CISA. Moreover, he has a love for motorsports, the great outdoors, and family!