Alex Felker

Videographer, Cisco on Cisco

Alex Felker is a videographer for the IT department at Cisco Systems. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. Alex joined Cisco in 2011 as an IT Analyst spearheading a project to revamp Cisco’s e-commerce platform. His passion for creativity and telling stories through visual means led to the creation of a videographer role in IT. Alex has been creating videos around Cisco IT stories for online streaming since 2013.

Alex hosts a Cisco web series called “Behind the Scenes of Cisco Live” where he takes home viewers behind the event production walls to showcase the people and technology behind this global event. He is also the host for “Gateway to Cisco Live” a pre-event online show provides viewers a sneak peek into what to expect while attending the event. Alex is a member of the Cisco on Cisco team that shares Cisco IT’s experiences with customers and partners through case studies, white papers, blogs, events, and face-to-face customer engagements.

When Alex is not creating Cisco IT videos, he enjoys creating personal videos from his travels around the world, practicing photography, and painting at his art table. Alex continues to utilize the engineering and artistic sides of his brain to bridge the gap between technology and art.

The views opinions expressed in Alex’s blogs are his own and not that of Cisco.