Alana Hope

Marketing Strategist Operations / PMO for Cisco Global Marketing
Business Relevancy & Global Vertical Marketing

• Manages Social Media, Messaging & Marketing Programs

• Manages Internal & External Collaboration Design & Experience for Interactive Cisco Communities

Alana joined the Global Marketing and Corporate Communications team over two years ago and has been thriving in her element every since as one of the resident subject matter experts on the user-experience design and collaboration, social media and marketing programs. Her tenacious entrepreneurial spirit, talent & love of marketing continue to make her a vital asset to the team.

At the turn of the millennium after almost a decade of traditional advertising and marketing projects, Alana went back to school to get certified in web development to satisfy her thirst to bring campaigns to life through interactivity. As Director for an advertising & marketing firm, Alana managed integrated strategic marketing campaigns on the East Coast working directly with mid C-Level executives on addressing their pain-points in the market. Within a short time Alana became known as the “WebDiva” among the New York clients and associates. Industries of focus included Healthcare, IT service providers, travel and tourism, automotive, retail, publishing, entertainment & manufacturing.

The emergence of social media and social networks gave Alana another canvas in which to create programs for clients while quenching her thirst for new technology. Alana’s primary focus has been with tech companies for that very reason, driven by the love of what she does; working with people to creatively solve challenges while pushing the limits on new technologies.

“Together we are the human network”

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