Rich Gore

Senior IT Manager

IT Customer Strategy and Success

I've been in IT all my professional life, starting with AT&T Bell Labs designing PBX services, through independent consulting and then with Cisco IT for the past 10+ years. Mostly I've worked in IT Infrastructure architecture teams, working with some of the brightest and best network and data center architects in Cisco. Over time I've learned a little about a lot of things going on inside Cisco IT, and I like to stay current. I try to share this experience with customers, by identifying their issues and describing how Cisco has overcome them (or by asking their advice on how Cisco can learn from them!).

I'm a California native, transplanted to London to help support Cisco customers in Europe. When I'm not working I'm touristing around London, the UK and Europe, and continue to be amazed by the history and beauty so near and so accessible.


April 17, 2019


AI in Cisco IT Operations: Finding Golden Needles in Ever Larger Haystacks

Customers often ask us whether artificial intelligence (AI) will be the kind of game changer that analysts are predicting. From what I’m seeing, the answer is an unconditional yes.  ...

November 28, 2018


Seis Maneras de Mantenerse Seguro con un Presupuesto

El Malware ha evolucionado drásticamente en los últimos 20 años, desde niños malintencionados con códigos maliciosos que rompen cosas solo por diversión, pasando por el espionaje corporativo y nacional, hasta una industria multimillonaria. Ninguna empresa, ningún hogar, ningún lugar con electrónica avanzada es segura. Ya sea que lo sepas o no, depende de la seguridad de TI para su protección y privacidad.

April 23, 2018


Six Ways to Stay Secure on a Budget

Malware has evolved dramatically in the past 20 years. Today, we depend heavily on IT security for protection and privacy. Fortunately, new security solutions and security education can help.

October 10, 2016


Three New Security Realities That Every CSO Should Face

Anyone responsible for keeping their Enterprise information secure has to understand three events that have changed the nature of Cyber-Security forever: 1. The Perimeter has Disappeared There used to be...

February 17, 2016


How Cisco IT is Enabling Fast(er) IT

Cisco IT EMEAR Data Centre Day highlighted the technology path Cisco IT has taken toward a far Faster IT, and Digitization. And most of it is taking place in our Data Centre today. Like most, every major business advancement comes from a mix of people, processes and technology. Each impacts the other. Where to begin? […]

February 15, 2016


A Fast Day for Fast IT

I was at Cisco IT EMEAR Data Centre Day today, surrounded by about 100 Cisco customers, sales, and IT people. This customer event was the first large European event where Cisco IT shared our own DC experience directly with customers. Cisco IT has a lot of experience deploying powerful new technology in the data centre […]

September 14, 2015


The Origins of Fast IT

Fast IT – It started in our Data Center, and now it’s everywhere https://youtu.be/sChoGrmpNmw “Fast IT” started for...

August 26, 2015


To Outsource IT, or Not to Outsource IT? That is the Question.

Sharing IT stories is the backbone of Cisco on Cisco, and architecture is the backbone of IT. What happens when you outsource ALL of your IT, including the architecture? Sure, it may sound like a good idea, and there definitely are positive aspects to outsourcing some parts of IT; but when you lose control of your architecture, IT becomes slow […]

March 25, 2015


Why IT Standardization?

Cisco IT has over our history become more and more standardized, with standard architectures (which are continuously upgraded to meet future business needs), and standard products, designs, software versions, and configurations. But we’ve never really told the story about WHY we have standardized so thoroughly. Many customers ask “What is the value of a global […]