Laura Graves

Director, Global Investor Relations

Graves joined Cisco in 2004 and assumed leadership of the company's award winning Investor Relations (IR) team in 2006. Since that time, she has expanded Cisco's IR activities on a global basis and is recognized by Wall Street for having developed thought leading processes for IR engagement and outreach.

At Cisco, Ms. Graves manages a team responsible for strategic corporate and financial communications, including M&A and Treasury communications. Previously, Ms. Graves was Director of Investor Relations at InVision Technologies, a homeland security explosive detection company. Graves was responsible for increasing corporate visibility, analyst coverage and institutional holdings for InVision, and was instrumental in positioning the sale of InVision to General Electric Company in 2004. InVision products continue to protect air travel under the GE umbrella today.

Ms. Graves rounds out almost 20 years of experience with additional positions in the wireless, security and banking industries. She is a mother of two and devoted fan of boys' little league and girls' basketball. Graves holds a bachelor's of science degree in business and an MBA from San Jose State University.

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