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Ken Wirt

Vice President, Consumer Marketing

Ken is responsible for partnering with Cisco, Scientific Atlanta, and Linksys marketing teams in the creation and implementation of Cisco's consumer marketing strategy. -This includes developing an overall corporate brand architecture and keeping a pulse on the consumer to develop the most effective marketing and messaging strategies for Cisco overall.

Ken has over twenty years of marketing experience with a strong background in developing new consumer electronic categories. He led marketing for one of the first home computers at Atari, introduced the first CD-ROM-based video game system at NEC, headed marketing for the first PDA (Newton) at Apple, launched the first portable MP3 player (Rio) at Diamond Multimedia, and was CEO of the first indie music recommendation web site (Riffage). Most recently, Ken was SVP Worldwide Marketing at Palm where he developed the first consumer PDA (Zire), the first hard-drive based multimedia PDA (LifeDrive), and launched the second generation of Treo smartphones with many of the world's leading service providers.

Ken received an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and a BA in The Psychology of Kinetic Media from the University of Michigan.

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